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Compass is a public charter school built by the community for the community.
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Co-Creating a Learning Life

Compass High School is doing more than answering the relevancy question.
Our mission is to help students to discover learning with purpose; to author
the best possible story of their lives and of our
collective future.


Community Partners

Compass High School is continually developing community partnerships with
agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and CSU departments to provide
students with diverse and meaningful learning opportunities.
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Practical Knowledge

Compass High School students learn more than academics.
They learn practical skills that will last a lifetime.
Our goal is to prepare our students for the world that is, and that will be.

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We are charting a new course at Compass High School. Leaving behind the well worn paths of schools designed to study individual academic disciplines at levels determined by age group, we are creating a school that is student-centered and community-based. We are not just in the business of information and curriculum delivery, we are nurturing the development of intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, creativity, and curiosity in our students and their families.


Humans are born to learn and science tells us that adolescence is a critical time in brain development. This is why we believe that learning with purpose and learning in the context of meaningful work with a supportive learning community is so important. Adolescents are seeking their place in the world; at Compass High School, we are opening the world to them, and helping them find their strengths and passions to grow into the adults that they want to be.


Community-based learning is project-based learning in service to the community.  Students, staff, families, business and agency partners throughout the city collaborate to design learning projects that are driven by student interests.  We work together in multi-age teams, on interdisciplinary projects to learn academic, social emotional, and 21st-Century Skills.


Compass High School is a new charter school opening in 2018 for students ages 12-18.  Our grades 6-12+ model honors adolescents as creative, energetic, and capable young people who have a great deal to give.  We don’t separate younger teens from older teens because we believe that they learn best from each other, and they shouldn’t be held back or forced ahead academically just because of their age. The “plus” on the grade 12 symbolizes our on-going support of our graduates. Compass High not only prepares students for life after high school, we provide mentoring, college, and career support until our young adults are engaged in meaningful work and/or confidently managing their college or university experience.

“In the past, education was mainly about teaching people something. Now it is about making sure individuals develop a reliable compass, and the navigation skills to find their own way in an increasingly uncertain, volatile and ambiguous world”

Andreas SchleicherDirector for the Directorate of Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris..


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